Colourful Potato Varieties

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colourful potato varieties

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Colourful potato varieties are a fun way to explore the many flavours and textures of potatoes. They look great in place of traditional potatoes, and are packed with nutrients.

These specialty varieties may be hard to find, so you may have to grow your own.

Purple Peruvian

The purple Peruvian is a fingerling potato with deep violet skin and opaque purple flesh. Purple potatoes are generally dry and starchy, with a deep earthy, almost nutty flavour. Purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants, and have therefore become a popular alternative to traditional potatoes.

The Purple Peruvian plant has medium to large size tubers, and is very resistant to scab. In order for these potatoes to thrive, they will need rich soil and lots of water.

All Blue

The All Blue potato is thought of as the most direct descendant of potatoes found about 10,000 years ago in the Peruvian Andes. These mid-sized potatoes feature a deep inky blue skin and flesh, which does tend to fade when overcooked.

The plants are mostly resistant to fungal diseases, mature mid to late season, and produce high yields.

All Blues store very well, and are suited to all cooking methods.

Cranberry Red

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Cranberry Red or All Red

With red skin and soft pink flesh, the Cranberry Red is among the best-producing potatoes with red skin. Its delicate, smooth texture makes it the perfect potato for boiling and mashing.

The plant matures in the early to mid season and has a high yield.

Red Thumb

Red thumb is an heirloom fingerling potato with ruby red skin and pink and white marbled flesh. The firm and waxy flesh is ideal for roasting and grilling.

The plants matures late season, and the Red Thumb is known for their uniform size, long storage life and disease resistance.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many exciting potato varieties that you can grow in your home garden, or even on your balcony! Grab a copy of our book How to Grow Great Potatoes.

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