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The Best Companion Plants for Potatoes

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There is absolutely no doubt that some plants grow better alongside others, and the potato is no exception. While not all companion planting is based on horticultural science, there are some quite significant scientific foundations for the concept. There are multiple reasons why certain plants do particularly well together. These reasons range from making certain plants ...

New Potato Salad from your Garden

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baby potato

There is something immensely satisfying about picking food from your own garden. But then the challenge is to cook or prepare it in a way that makes it even more special. While surprisingly few people grow potatoes in their home vegetable gardens, you will find that this is an easy and gratifying vegetable to grow. Not ...

Choosing potatoes for planting

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Seed Potato

  Planting potatoes is a wonderfully rewarding past time, and something which children love to be involved in, particularly when it comes to harvesting.      Do you plant old sprouted potatoes? You can, but you are much better off buying certified disease-free seed potatoes.  These are widely available from nurseries and produce stores.  Certified seed potatoes  are a far ...